• How To Collect & Conserve Water In The Garden

    As Summer makes way for Autumn, the good weather shifts toward the inevitable grey skies, windy weather, and rain. Hang on, is that not what we’ve just had all summer? It certainly was in my garden!

  • Vegetable Garden In Summer

    Niall is a gardener and creator of the channel ‘Niall Gardens’ on YouTube. He presents segments on TV and radio and is the winner of the Garden Media Guild’s Alan Titchmarsh New Talent of the Year award 2022. Niall takes us on a journey through his vegetable garden in summer, and tells us about what he’s growing, things that are cropping and what his plans are for later in the year.

  • Zoe Colville On Lifestyle Changes

    There was a time in my life when “shopping” meant starting the day with a breakfast involving an alcoholic beverage of some kind, giggling with friends in high street changing rooms whilst the attendant looked on disapprovingly, deep marks on my forearms from carrying the heavy shopping bags and my bank account taking a battering. Oh how things have changed since my change in lifestyle.

  • How To Choose Which Muck Boot?

    Muck Boots started out in recognition of a universal problem - muck. Wet, messy, muddy, dirty muck, and we were determined to find a solution for keeping our feet warm and dry through it all.

  • Zoe Colville On Lambing Season

    The adrenaline is truly flowing from around March onwards. Lambing time is approaching, we’ve managed to keep the pregnant ewes safe and well through the unforgiving winter and the new grass shoots and longer days are on the horizon but those last few weeks before their due date drags.

  • 5 Best Gardening Boots

    Spring has sprung, the sun is out, and the air is alive to the sound of lawnmowers – cylinder, electric, petrol and even robotic. So, what to wear on your feet?

  • Muck Boot Insoles Explained

    Insoles, insocks, sockliners, footbed insert. It may have many names, but this material plays a key part in the relationship between your foot and your footwear.

  • A Masterclass In Lamb

    For those of the population that choose to have meat in their diet, the percentage of which who know the anatomy of the animal in which they are consuming is fairly low. Which isn’t a surprise as we have grown to be disconnected with our food whether that be meat or even cereals, vegetables and the like.

  • Which Boots For Dog Walking?

    Understanding what the boots will be used for usually helps us narrow down a choice, and yet there is one activity that remains as diverse as ever in the range of options available – dog walking.

  • 3 Steps To Prep Your Garden For Planting

    The signs of spring are all so hopeful; the smell of rainy days, the birds chirping, the longer days, and the warmth of the sun. It also means that garden season is upon us - which is my favourite time of the year.

  • Fit Factors: What Your Feet Are Doing In Your Boots

    Proper fit is essential for good foot health and your comfort. 

    Your feet are highly evolved flexible platforms. 

    They have 3-dimensional form that constantly alters through movement to keep you upright, balanced and in control. If you stand in your socks on one foot you will feel (and see) how your foot constantly adapts to the position of your bodyweight and the floor.  

  • Our Guide To Warm Winter Wellies

    Our exclusive NEOPRENE shell construction is 100% waterproof, breathable and self-insulating. The NEOPRENE bootie material acts as a "neutral medium" between inside and outside temperatures. Naturally lightweight, and very comfortable, the material keeps the foot and lower leg warm and protected in cold and wet conditions.

  • The Best Wellies For Walking The Dog

    Exercising your pet should be fun, so making sure you are comfortable is paramount. Consider the needs of your pet – do you have a big dog with boundless energy or a smaller breed that only needs a short walk? Then consider the terrain you will exercise your dog over.

  • The Original Muck Boot Company: Homage To The Welly Boot

    Muck Boot has taken this staple product and modernised it to make wellies that are centred around the way people work and live today. Founded in 1999, Muck Boot has become a pioneer in creating products that keep feet comfortable and dry in any situation.

  • The Original Muck Boot Company Introduces 'Comfort Range' Icons

    With winter’s icy grip almost upon us, The Original Muck Boot Company recognises the confusion customers face when trying to find the right waterproof boots to keep them warm, dry and comfortable.

  • 5 Best Ways To Preserve Your Garden Harvest

    Growing a garden is such a fun experience and it's made more fun when you can preserve the fruits of your labour to enjoy all year. Although you may not be planning to have enough to last the whole year, it’s a good idea to be prepared for a little abundance. Trust me, you’ll have way more tomatoes and zucchini that you know what to do with!

  • 5 Tasks To Do Today For A Vegetable Garden Tomorrow

    What To Do Today 
    1. Make a List of Favourites 

    What are your favourite vegetables to eat? What do you eat the most of on a regular basis? There is no point in planting something if you never eat it and hate it! The easiest to grow veggies are lettuces/spinach, cucumber, beans/peas, tomatoes, and kale/swiss chard.