The Original Muck Boot Company Introduces 'Comfort Range' Icons

With winter’s icy grip almost upon us, The Original Muck Boot Company recognises the confusion customers face when trying to find the right waterproof boots to keep them warm, dry and comfortable.
As we continue to put you, our customer, at the centre of our business we are delighted to introduce our new ‘Comfort Range’ icons, which will allow you to make an informed choice when selecting our footwear.

The ‘Comfort Range’ icons will help determine which boots are for you, depending on a number of variables ranging from climate, line of work, activity levels, personal body temperatures or even to the type of socks you like to wear! 

The Original Muck Boot Company offers an extensive range of outdoor footwear solutions, including Arctic weather conditions, so you’ll now be able to determine which boot will be warm (or cool) enough for you.

For example, if you’re looking for a casual option for pottering in the garden, like the Muckster II range, or an everyday boot suitable for farming like the Chore, the ‘Comfort Range’ will show you that they are most comfortable in temperatures ranging from sub-freezing to 18°C, whereas the Arctic Sport boot collection will keep you comfortable and warm in temperatures as low as -40°C.

In order to find the perfect match, keep an eye out for the new icons. They will be visible on all product pages throughout the website, ensuring quick and easy identification of desired comfort levels – meaning every online shop is successful.

We believe the new ‘Comfort Range’ icons will help and enhance your purchasing experience and reassure you that you are choosing the correct boots! So why not take a look at the options available for you now!

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