Unisex Construction Boots

Construction involves working through wet conditions and navigating through muddy surfaces and encountering unpredictable weather.

Our boot is 100% waterproof, protective and comfortable with a specific outsole designed for construction.

Made with premium exclusive self-insulating NEOPRENE designed to keep the foot and lower leg warm & protected in the muckiest conditions ever.

Choose the best pair for you below…

Choose the best pair for you below…

Unisex Chore Classic Steel Toe Tall Boots

Features an added steel toe and steel shank reinforcement meeting job safety standards in the workplace. This boot is proudly Australian/New Zealand standards approved.

100% waterproof with a 5mm neoprene lining for flexibility. A breathable air mesh lining improves air circulation.

Suitable For: Farmers and construction workers handling the toughest jobs. With a comfort rating of 0°C / 18°C.